Monday, August 9, 2010

The Beginning; A logical place to start

I'm no more a writer than any other ape creature on this planet, so these posts may lack the refined literary sophistication most have come to expect from internet ramblings. I will attempt to provide context as much as possible, but the point of this "blog", as the kids refer to it, is to be a repository of the adventures and less of the mundane daily diary entries of what I did and did not do.

Thus it is prudent to start at the beginning.

The beginning I should say was when my cut-throat friends poured an immeasurable amounts of Tom Collins' down my gullet the night before I was to leave. A good time was had by all. Except me, the next day, nursing quite the large hangover as I made the journey to Philly with the air sickness bag reassuringly in front of me. The flight went as they always do and I am now sitting comfortably in a hotel bed I could hardly afford under any other circumstances and am starting what I told myself I would do 2 weeks ago; write a damn blog entry.

Orientation begins in a few hours where I will meet my new cohorts and tomorrow we set off on our way to the left ventricle of darkness (Uganda).

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  1. First of all yay - I'm your first follower!
    Second of all - I can't believe you have a blog. I have high expectations of it despite your warnings that I not have high expectations
    Thirdly - I can't believe you're in Africa! In the Peace Corps! Do you feel peaceful yet?